With clevercircles you build up your assets – self-determined, inexpensive and transparent.

Clevercircles is an open platform. Any investment professional can participate and share their market views with the community. Clevercircles is a Swiss product and is available in German and French

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With clevercircles you manage your own portfolio with the cheapest ETF and index funds.

<p>With clevercircles you manage your own portfolio with the cheapest ETF and index funds.</p>

From as little as CHF 10'000, you can put together your own index portfolio. You can see how your portfolio is developing on a daily basis and can regularly make tactical adjustments and orient yourself to professionals.

Self-determined asset management

I'd like to manage my assets for myself.
Inexpensive - Transparent - Flexible - No minimum term.

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From CHF 10'000; savings plan from CHF 100, no hidden costs.
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Inovation based on tradition

<p><strong>Inovation based on tradition</strong></p>

Clevercircles is an offer from the CIC bank, which, with its over 100-year history, its solid integration into the Swiss banking landscape and its membership of the cooperative financial group Crédit Mutuel, guarantees quality and reliability.

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