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How clevercircles works

<h2>How clevercircles works</h2>

Strategic asset allocation

With clevercircles you can invest efficiently via passive ETFs and index funds and determine your personal investment strategy.

  • Diversified portfolio
  • Determine your own risk/return profile
  • Reduced costs due to passive index systems
  • Regular rebalancing

Tactical Asset Allocation

With clevercircles you can check your portfolio regularly and adjust it if necessary without incurring costs.

  • Check portfolio every two months
  • Adjust individual positions within the bandwidths you define
  • Flexible hedging of foreign currency risks
  • Full control

Collective intelligence

With clevercircles you can coordinate your market expectations with professionals and trusted third parties.

  • Invite investment professionals, confidants and the community to your circle (= personal investment committee)
  • Compare what your circle expects for market development
  • Adjust your portfolio accordingly, clevercircles calculates and executes everything conveniently for you

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