We’re the brains behind clevercircles.

Sebastian   Comment
Managing Director
Sebastian Comment

Complex thinking and simple communication. Not the other way around. Sebastian firmly believes that an idea is only as good as the people who put it into practice. There’s no adventurous and mystical story to explain how the idea for clevercircles came about. “We just thought in a structured way,” he would say, “but the teamwork afterwards was the crucial part!”

Johannes   Nyfeler
Head of operations & services
Johannes Nyfeler

Use your brain, it’s for free. Joe likes it when things are well thought through. He knows that thinking increases efficiency – the more brains are involved, the better. That’s why Joe is passionate about clevercircles. Both in the implementation of the project and in his own personal investment circle, he chooses the wisdom of crowds over the wisdom of individuals.

Nadja   Burri
Content & Community Manager
Nadja Burri

A relationship can’t develop without good communication. Nadja believes that you don’t always need to shout or cry to be heard – you can communicate very quietly too. Diversity not uniformity. Good communication should be just like clevercircles.

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Sebastian Comment Johannes Nyfeler Nadja Burri

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